Water Sports: Water skiing, bare foot, "bus-skiing".Rent a canoe, a water-motorbike, boats with motor to go on a trip troughout the lake.

Trips in an air balloon (with the school KON-TIKI); Parapent or delta-winged from the Montsec massif (in la Vall d'Āger, at 1700 m); Descent of gullies; rock climbing in Terradets walls; mountain-bike. Long walks to relax Picking Mushrooms in autum,
or WHITE TOURISM in winter (only at 40 km).

And fishing; and hunting...

Excursions under the patronage of the Ajuntament de Camarasa (Camarasa city council) to know very interesting routes, like la Pedrera de Rúbies, a place where you can see an important prehistoric diposit of fossils...

Trips to visit caves: the Cova dels Muricecs, in Terradets; the Cova del Gel or el Forat de l'Or in the middle of the Montsec mountain; the Cova del Tabac, in Camarasa, where you will find tracks of dinosaurs.

Trips to visit the Parc Cretaci (cretacic park) of la Conca Dellā or its museum in Isona, with fossils 60 milion years old.

Visit the medieval castles in la Noguera, regions, dated in XII century, for example, the castle of , Montclar, Florejacs, la Rāpita, Pallargues, etc. Or the medieval enclosure of Mur, with a castle and a church built in 1053. Or visit Llimiana village, a place where you can enjoy a good sight and see the church
(s. XI).

You can also go to the narrow pass of Mont-Remei, which is the border between Catalunya and Aragon. Or travel by the touristic train, that covers a marvellous distance.